Are Your Ready for Coaching?

Answer the following questions honestly and see if coaching is the right step for you now:

  • Am I ready to change?
  • Am I going to put into practice new skills, strategies and habits?
  • Am I going to commit to a weekly coaching ritual and check-ins?
  • Do I realize that coaching success depends on me and not my coach?
  • Am I going to be honest with my coach?
  • Am I going to accept support and encouragement and not self-sabotage?
  • Am I going to do what I say I am going to do and if something isn’t working I will discuss it with my coach and see if we can use a new strategy?
  • Am I able to take positive feedback and not view it as criticism?
  • Do I have emotional or psychological issues that might impair coaching and need to be addressed first?
  • Am I ready to financially invest in coaching?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, you are ready to begin your coaching journey.

If NO was your answer to these questions, I invite you to explore the reasons behind it or to get in touch with other professionals who might be able to help.