Blast ADD/ADHD Procrastination

I would say that everybody can suffer from procrastination but for ADDers procrastination can be quite debilitating. While reasons for procrastination cover a wide range and are for another blog; there is a great tool in the form of a website to now help you blast your procrastination.  I’ll admit that I even used this… Continue Reading

ADD/ADHD Web Resources

The World Wide Web has become a place loaded with information.  I have compiled a list of sites on attention deficit disorder.  Many are Canadian focused; check them out and sign up on their mailing lists to keep in the loop and check out their blogs.  You can also join my Facebook page as I… Continue Reading

Do you think you have ADHD? Do you know what type of ADHD you have?

If you think you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?  Take the following quiz to determine the likelihood of the disorder: ADHD QUIZ Remember this test simply indicates the likelihood of the presence of the disorder for formal accurate diagnosis you need to be assessed by a professional. It’s equally important to know which type of… Continue Reading

ADDers hate being told what to do

Well let’s face it NOBODYlikes being told what to do, but for some reason it really gets to ADDers and it tickles our sense of dislike for authority.   This idea of being told what to do can irk us in the form of a voice tone, flat out orders or making us feel inferior. The… Continue Reading

ADD and Loving It

Old news can still be good news. Last September 09 Global TV aired  a documentary called ADD and loving it. This documentary is written, directed and produced by comedian Rick Green and stars actor/comedian Patrick McKenna and Marty Stevens from The Red Green Show. The documentary is about Patrick’s journey through being tested and diagnosed… Continue Reading