Some of Coach Maddy’s Testimonials from psychologists, social workers and clients in Montreal and around the world

“I have referred many clients to Maddy over the years and have been very satisfied with her work. I have every confidence in her work as a coach.”

~ David Sinyor, Ph.D., Psychologist


“I have referred several clients over the years to Coach Maddy. I have always appreciated her ability to take on the tough cases and work miracles. I have no problem recommending Madeleine Cote as a personal and professional coach for adults with ADHD.”

~ Jason Phelps, MSW


“Coach Maddy has been helping me in my personal life and career growth.  As a distinguished coach, Maddy is adept at finding resources that are appropriate to her clients’ goals.  Every meeting, I find myself writing down valuable notes on new strategies and personal discoveries that help me achieve my goals.  I am truly grateful for her services and hope to continue working with her on both my personal and professional endeavors.”

~ Benjamin Mizrahi, M.S., M.A.

I cannot believe someone like you exists. Since we started coaching; we have an organized home with clear individual duties, we communicate better and everything just runs smoother. Thanks Coach Maddy.”

~ Donna and ADHD family


“I was referred to Maddy in 2004 by the doctor who diagnosed me with ADHD. Based on his strong recommendation, I reluctantly decided to meet with her once. I stopped coaching with Maddy five years later, in 2008. This was not by choice. Rather, I was moving across the world to take up an amazing position at a large, multinational corporation. I’d mentioned this goal to her early on as a joke, but with her help it happened.

Maddy was instrumental in helping me overhaul my life. In those five years, I’d also started and completed an advanced degree. I’d renewed my career and switched to a field I was passionate about. I went from unsure and insecure to calm and self-assured. I overhauled my interactions with others and steadily developed a more positive approach to life. I got my finances under control and put systems in place to manage the chaos previously prevalent in my life. All this was done with much personal effort and with many many bumps along the way.

Maddy’s systematic and supportive approach to coaching made these successes not only possible, but manageable. It is a tribute to the effectiveness of her coaching that I remain reasonably organized to this day. I also periodically review the extensive notes from our workshops together, and find them of lasting value.”

I unreservedly recommend Maddy’s coaching. It is possibly the best investment I’ve ever made, and it helped change my life in ways my previously cynical self could not have predicted.”

~ A.S.


“I received a very late diagnosis of ADHD in my second year of University. After many years of ignoring my symptoms they go the best of me and was left paralyzed and disinterested in my school work.

More than any other intervention (and I have tried most of the ADHD drugs on the market) working with Coach Maddy has brought order to my life. She has taught me from the ground up to be organized, manage my time and to deal effectively with stress. For me, she has been the calm at the centre of the storm. I would whole heartedly recommend Coach Maddy to any ADDer who struggles to maintain balance in their busy life!”

~ Carolyn McGill Graduate


“I am excited about the progress I make working with you.  You are really a hands on coach and knowledgeable of ADD/ADHD.  You have ideas to help me get organized and want to actually a do step by step work plan.  You seem to understand me and know my strengths (I said this first) and weaknesses.  I feel we have a connection and good banter, I feel more relaxed and comfortable. I actually look forward to our meetings.”

~ C.P. Accountant

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