What is Coaching?

Coaching is a helping relationship that is individually based and action oriented.  It is an association that is goal driven and aimed at building skill sets intended to improve the individual’s daily functioning and quality of life.

It is based on the client’s specific needs and goals and can focus on many aspects of life ranging from relationships, work, home, stress management, social aspect, time management, parenting, exercise and many more.

Coaching is a safe and confidential environment where achieving goals and building skills are equally important.  Uncovering strengths and building on success are an essential part of the focus.

The difference between life coaching and ADHD coaching is the coach is trained to help ADHD clients and has experience working with ADD clients. The Coach understands the ADD brain’s unique wiring.

Coaching begins with an initial interview aimed at uncovering your goals, your specific needs and areas you wish to improve in your life.  From there, we move to weekly sessions either in person, over the phone or via webcam.  I am in touch with you 2 to 3 times per week for check-ins through text messages or e-mails to remind you of your goals and offer you support so you can meet challenges and follow through on your aspirations.

Contact me for your free initial session and receive your welcome package to begin your coaching journey.

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