Who Do I Coach?


Don’t know how to use an agenda! Do you get to school and find out something is due and didn’t realize it?  Don’t know where to begin with your projects. Are you lost with what to study in Cegep or University that will get you the job you want? Don’t know how to socialize and wish you weren’t as angry as you are?

I work with teens to develop study skills and help you succeed in your educational career.  My coaching is customized to each individual student.  We build strategies in your life that will be valuable to you in your professional career as well. We can also focus on building self-esteem, reducing anger, and learning social skills and much more.



Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving what you want?  Do you live in fear of loosing your job? Are you always late? Do you wish you could start your own business?  Wondering why your personal life falls apart when you focus on your career and vice versa? Wish you had a balanced life?

I work with adults to unlock their strengths and focus on their goals and dreams.  We stop procrastination; learn to chunk work and get things done. We strategize effective routines, get a balanced schedule going and work at giving you more time for what you really want to do.  The areas of Adult ADD coaching are numerous and each person has an individualized program.



Don’t know why your partner is so sensitive?  Wondering why his mood might change from day to day? Trying to figure out why your partner seems to sabotage your relationship?  Questioning why sometimes you feel so close and the next you feel completely ignored.  Wondering why you get your head bitten off for offering a suggestion?

I work with couples to help them find out how ADD might be affecting their relationship.  We work on how to communicate with someone who has ADD and when is an appropriate time to communicate.  We develop shared goals, and build effective routines and strategies.  Coaching is based on the couple’s needs and the areas of coaching depend on each couple’s needs.

If one person in the relationship is not ready to start working with a coach I often work with the partner that is ready.



Do you fear parent teacher meetings? Do you feel your house is the aftermath of a hurricane?  Wondering why it takes all of you so long to get out the door in the morning?  Are you trying to figure out how to keep track of homework, activities and get dinner on the table? Worried about the constant war going on between your kids?  Are you anxious about how your child will take care of herself in the future without you?

I work with families, parents and an individual parent in restoring balance in the home. We devise effective organizational tools to keep track of all the family members’ schedules, meals and chores.  We focus on how to communicate with an ADD child and what that child might be going through.  We formulate what kind of skills your child needs to develop and how you can help.  We focus on goals, routines and strategies to help restore the harmony in your home.




I hold in person support groups for people in the Montreal area as well as telephone groups and telephone support groups for those who are not or prefer more anonymity.

Please look under services to see if a particular group might meet your needs.

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